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Claire Trott
I went into a meeting for only a couple of hours and come out to find out that for many the state pension age will be 68 rather than 67 as they were expecting, for me however there is no change – well not yet anyway.
The FCA this week revealed plans for changes on DB transfer advice, including scrapping guidance that the adviser should start from the assumption that a transfer will be unsuitable.
Pensions are at the mercy of many areas of legislation and the unintended consequences of this seems to be hitting areas of pensions more and more and things get even more complicated.
I have just been reading the appeal of an unauthorised payment charge on a Sipp member where an investment was made into a company and from this investment a loan was made to the member.
Today saw the release of the ‘Women In Finance’ charter and although I haven’t really been engaged in the production of this, I decided as a woman, maybe I should take a look to see if I was missing out on something that might change my life or the life of my colleagues.
Twice a year, every year for the last ten years, I have had the discussion with my peers about tax free cash, or to give it its correct legislative name, pension commencement lump sum, and if it will lose its tax free status in the next announcement.
Sipps specialist Claire Trott is leaving Talbot and Muir, the company revealed this morning.
2016 has been another year of consolidation in the Sipp industry, this can be seen as good or bad depending on who you are and more importantly, where the Sipps end up.
I decided to try and avoid the Brexit vote for a little longer and thought the best way to do this was to run a marathon around a forest.
It seems today that if there is a problem with pensions or if people are looking for someone to blame for people losing money, then SIPPs seem to be at the front of the line.
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