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Sipp related claims have again been blamed as advisers brace themselves to be hit with a £100m bill.
Sipps related claims are behind a £20m interim levy on life and pensions intermediaries announced by the FSCS today.
The FSCS has announced it will begin to increase pay outs for Sipp transfer claims.
Nearly six in ten complaints relating to Sipps made to the Financial Ombudsman Service between April and December last year were upheld.
Complaints and compensation claims about advice relating to Sipps will continue to rise, with an extra 500 cases predicted for the next financial year, the FSCS warned today.
Growing numbers of complaints about Sipps have been blamed for a jump in the levy advisers will have to pay next year.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has reported receiving more than 500 claims relating to Sipps.

The threat of a further levy hangs over advisers due to increased compensation linked to Sipp claims.

Sipp related claims against financial advisers who are no longer trading have continued rising, The Financial Services Compensation Scheme said today. 

The volume of compensation claims relating to advice given to consumers to switch from conventional pensions to a Sipp is growing rapidly according to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
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