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A survey of financial advisers has revealed that 71% say their clients plan to work longer and retire later to bridge the gap in their retirement savings.
A survey of 2000 consumers has revealed that 89% do not consider saving for retirement a priority. The survey also estimates that 15m people are not saving at all.
Most members of pension schemes are likely to turn down the option to withdraw 100% of their pension rights as a lump sum, according to research from Capita Employee Benefits.
The Financial Conduct Authority is proposing a pensions dashboard allowing consumers to see all their pension pots in one place, following a study on retirement income it carried out last year.
Checking up on the bodies that will provide the new Pension Wise service will cost the FCA nearly £400,000 every year and an initial outlay of nearly £600,000.
The Sipp as originally envisaged by former Chancellor Nigel Lawson is "now an endangered species", a leading expert says, as the 25th anniversary of its creation was marked.
Dangers lie ahead for consumers under plans for the re-selling of existing annuity contracts, a Sipps firm has warned.
The final Budget of this Parliament may feature plans which could lead to a new market in second-hand annuities.
An influential group of MPs has questioned if there is strong enough protection for savers under the new pensions rules.
Special breakfast events to help advisers untangle the web of rule changes to pensions – particularly their impact on Sipps and SSAS - will take place in April.
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